Bug Reports 2013-01 - ADSL/PPPOE configuration missing

Bod - 10.08.2013, 08:22
Post subject: ADSL/PPPOE configuration missing
If you try to subject menu item, I get message:

"Sorry no working ethernet card could be found"

If you try to manually invoke the command pppoeconf, I get:

# pppoeconf
/usr/sbin/pppoeconf: 104: /usr/sbin/pppoeconf: /sbin/ifconfig: not found

I think you have to include in the distribution package net-tools. This will get rid of the problem.

Very sorry for my clumsy language. Embarassed
slh - 03.11.2013, 20:20
Post subject: RE: ADSL/PPPOE configuration missing
Thanks for your report, fixed packages are now in our repositories.
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